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Still trying to crack the last puzzle but i've tried to convert the first level of puzzles into binary. doesn't do anything. looked around. can't find anything matching. also can't find any of the previous levels having any inputs for the new code. and using it in a new attempt probably also don't work.... hmm. oh yes i like it but idk what direction the last puzzle is supposed to be in :P.

It's remained unsolved for about 5 years now! Good luck!

An excellent little puzzler with great ambiance! Supports ultrawide! :)

Just beat this in one sitting, very fun little puzzle game! I feel like there's something I'm missing at the end though... Not sure what to do there. Any chance I could get a hint?

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I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

As far as I know, the end puzzles remain unsolved, but feel free to post any solutions you work out.  They're meant to be a final challenge to those who completed the game. 🤓

Edit: Just to be clear, there is no way to input anything into the last obelisk.

Yes indeed. Currently playing this through a third time. A pure puzzle concept.